Tropical Spinach Smoothie

Tropical Spinach Smoothie



Whoever knows me like knowssss me... and know how much I love greenery, nature and smoothies.


Combine the green and the natural plants (veggies and fruits) and turn it into a nice delicious, nutritious smoothie.


Before making this blog, I actually made me this smoothie but without the kiwi this time because I ran out of them. It was still so good but this smoothie always makes me happy and full of energy!


This is a great recipe for those who want a tropical tasting yet still benefit from their greens like spinach which boosts energy, full of vitamin c and fiber.


You can mix this with some coconut water, almond milk, or natural juice and there you go!



 - (1) Banana

- (2) Dates

- (2) cup of spinach

- (1) mango

- (1) pineapple

- (1) kiwi


Try it out and let me know!


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