Look At Feminine Hygiene Products As An Added Vaginal Care Assistance And Detox

Look At Feminine Hygiene Products As An Added Vaginal Care Assistance And Detox

Feminine hygiene products? Does is still sound taboo - like it's not needed, like that's something you're still not use to hearing right? I know, I understand.. so let me break it down.

Yes, some women today may still wonder huh? "What do you mean by feminine hygiene products" (specifically vaginal products), "isn't the vagina a self-cleansing organ?", etc.

To answer all that, the answer is YES. The vagina is a self-cleansing organ which basically releases mucous discharge from the cervix. Hence, why us as women will see vaginal discharges and blood because that is a way for the vagina to self-cleanse.

However, hear me out.. our environment today can significantly have a huge impact on our health... negatively. I mean most of us know our air is polluted, products and foods got all unwanted chemicals and toxic products, stress is at an all time high and the list goes on and on. This all causes the body to perform it's duties less, which when you think about the vagina, it can try it's best, but... the job isn't fully completed.

So, when you hear all these detox supplements, drinks and foods for the body.. well you can pretty much look at some of these feminine hygiene products ( like ours ) as detoxing products.. for the vagina.

Now some may also say well "these products are anti-bacteria, washing away all good and bad bacteria which can still lead to vaginal infections, etc". Not true. But, once again these herbal or plant-based products act as a detox, assistance, support - it's just bridging the gap where the support is needed to complete the full task.

Women are complaining of yeast infections & bv almost every day to every week! Although, diet is definitely KEY - it is also vital to be cautious of our environment that contribute to these health problems. Having products that can ease or relieve some of our problems to become less problematic should in-fact be a MUST!

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