About Us

How Taaharah Holistic Started From Amina Herself


   It started from the emotional and mental rollercoaster of multiple miscarriages. On top of that, it was my first time experiencing BV with no help from prescription medicines, which then caused yeast infections. The whole painful cycle kept repeating ♻️ itself for MONTHS! Qadr Allah, it was patience and gratitude that kept me going!

   It was important for me to find a new solution to all of this because, the way I think, it was either you sit and be sad or get up and do something about it! So, it happened! Knowing l was always into problem solving, this was the time for me to put my skills to work! I was always into fashion designing and health business, so BOOM there you have it. My health business, Taaharah Holistic had came to life right after experimenting with a rare, natural healing, traditional method called (Vaginal Steaming/Womb Steaming/Pelvic Steaming).

   It worked! I went months after months, CONSISTENTLY studying the right herbs, went to school and got certified and naturally healed myself (with the permission of Allah). It was a huge blessing! Alhamdulillah! Allahumma Barik! What happened? My womb strengthened, got pregnant.. BV/yeast infections.. WHERE? It was gone! I didn't want to be selfish, cause I mean GIRL.. this just turned into a passion and I had to share my testimony and become that same help and healer to others.

   It's important to share my reality and the real problems I had faced, because that's what makes me a real human and a relatable human. There are many women I have worked with that faced similar or worst and that is why we are here today. Alhamdulillah!

   Many ladies go through Gynecological issues/disorders and sometimes what we are commonly told would help, doesn't help! There are women just like me who want other solutions but more NATURAL. They don't want a temporary treatment, they want to HEAL! Years later, more testimonies from more ladies and our goal is to keep that going and growing, while building a community of women who once thought they would stay in the dark but found light.

   As we've grown, we have added natural, herbal infused, feminine hygiene products to help ease vaginal discomfort, period cramps, vaginal odor and more! Our signature v-steam stools come in a kit form, so that you can invest in. Start your journey to a holistic and pure route to a better health and better life. In Shaa Allah!