Taaharah Holistic prioritizes customers feelings and works hard to ensure customer is satisfied with their orders and overall services. 

If a customer is dissatisfied with their order after (2 days) then the customer is free to contact us through email at and we will be happy to refund. (PLEASE READ OUR REFUND POLICY).

Please take heed and carefully type in the correct address, because we are not responsible if customer has mistaken address. Once package has left our facility it will be in the hands of the postal service and we ask that you get in contact with them.

If package gets sent back to us safely, we will be gladly to resend package to correct address. If it does not get sent back for whatever reason, you may have to reorder with correct delivery address.


Once again, we are willing to work through any problems or issues a customer may face while waiting on package or upon arrival. HOWEVER, there is no need to commit fraud chargebacks once you have actually physically received the package. That is unfair to the business and we will ensure to fight back with proofs of delivered package through our tracking system, proof customer purchased along with tracking # as well as proof of policy that customer did not follow!


After all of that has been completed, fraudulent customer will be BLOCKED/BANNED from purchasing from Taaharah Holistic in the FUTURE!!