Venting Blog: “Why Are We This Way?! Let’s Do Better!”

Venting Blog: “Why Are We This Way?! Let’s Do Better!”

Why oh’ why?! A venting blog to all my ladies and truly to the world.


Honestly, we living in some really tough times ya’ll and I know I can’t be the only one conscious about what I’m about to say.


*Disclaimer* This post is not in no shape, way or form to put other women down. We about uplifting but we are also about self-discovery and self-awareness. Sometimes it’s important to be blunt about the reality and overall just giving tough love.


Now I accept the decree and the tests and traumas we have to face, taking accountability to make changes within ourselves, etc. But we all need to take accountability and it starts by being aware, healing within and stop ignoring our problems.


Like why is there such a huge discord between groups? Why are we competing with eachother? Why are we so angry like.. wake up!


  • Elder women hating on younger women and don’t care to be happy for them or share wisdom like they were designed to do. So weird and embarrassing! Can’t gain wisdom from your elders no more cause they so busy trying to catch up with the young and putting them down.


  • Why a lot of women got hidden agendas? Like you plotting to do some damage to someone you jealous of cause you butt hurt, trying to pretend you the nicest person on earth. *Note* it be the ones trying to prove so hard they so nice but fail to realize a genuine person would NEVER explain themselves.


  • Women hating on other women yet complain why we still put eachother down. And I don’t care about these fake women empowerment groups or sisterhood groups cause they not genuine. There is no such thing until each person strives & fight to have a pure heart to have such gathering or event.. however, majority of us ain’t willing to fight within. Strive for pureness and then gather a sisterhood or women empowerment group. It’ll be more genuine then.


  • People be so miserable. Like boo we all were hurt. Big hurt or small hurt don’t take your pain out on me or the world. Whoever taught you to do that was wrong. If you thought that was the right thing to do then you are wrong. Be a grown mature women and face those pains, heal within and contribute to being better (healed) person to this society… not making it worst.


  • True beauty starts within and flourishes out. Stop thinking your cute face and nice body can take you far. If you’re ugly inside then you’re definitely ugly on the out.


  • Why do we compete??? Is my lane not my lane and your lane not yours? Take your time! Different paths in life exist for a reason. Everybody isn’t going to be on the same path but nope.. today if Layla don’t have a car like Cece than she’s a failure and more.


  • So much manipulating and conniving women. You really allowed your insecurities to turn you into a demon sis?! You really going to crush that kind person down to the ground just to feel empowered. I’d like to be the first to tell you this just incase you’re reading or someone knows anyone like this. That miserable person is weak and expect the world to owe them which they will never see light a day in their life ever, if they don’t choose to improve. Misery will just accumulate in that persons life.. so keep on or CHANGE! You’re the reason misery still exist in your life.


  • Miserable women is the reason they arrogant but we love to believe arrogant people be the ones successful and at the top. Nah! Insecure, miserable, manipulating, conniving and deceitful women are the ones arrogant. Remember that!


  • Everyone wanna believe they a kind person. Boo you might have kind acts or traits but you not a kind person. Kindness doesn’t expect favors in return which leads me to my next point. Stop living in hypocrisy cause some people can see the fakeness and the switch-up. Who you fooling? Yourself? Cause you definitely not fooling the conscious ones.


If you’re not questioning your heart, you’re intent for every little move, action or speech you make.. do you really care?!


Are you striving to be pure or are you just allowing your ego to take over you?


Fighting to be the best kind, pure, genuine and honest person in life is like a war within. It’s hard and it’s a battle.. but it’s worth it! It’s needed! And it will only bring nothing but a joyful, peaceful and happy life.


Holistic wellness isn’t only about healing physically and internally but emotionally and mentally as well.


Wishing you all the best!

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