About Our Herbal Bar Soaps

About Our Herbal Bar Soaps




We have one of the BEST products when it comes to the herbal feminine products!


PERIOD! 👏🏾 Like its no debate and no competition.. our ladies LOVEEE IT!!!


Just a quick run down about our soaps, I wanted to go a little more in details about our herbal bar soaps that are not only great for vaginal use but just as great to use as a body soap.


We currently have (7) amazing and popular soaps which are...


- Daisy

- Rose

- Lavender

- Rosemary

- Strawberry

- Papaya

- Cantaloupe 


These soaps were naturally made to fight and prevent vaginal problems such as...


- Vaginal Odor

- Vaginal Irritation & Itching

- To Increase Vaginal Moisture

- Prevent Yeast Infections

- Prevent BV

- Ease Menstrual Cramping

- Refreshing


What made me come out with these amazing soaps was due to the lack of natural feminine hygiene and health products, especially when it came to dealing with our lady issues. It was very important for many ladies, including myself to have a natural alternative products that can help with our sensitive area without having to rely on some of these chemical made products that could potentially cause more harm to us than good.


Every single soap is very popular and highly requested which is why we make sure to keep them in stock and selling.


The reviews don't lie and my girls stay sharing their love for these soaps, which makes me very happy to push this out and get even better with more future soaps.


The goal is to have more amazing herbal soaps in production from Africa, that has an increase amount of benefits and healing properties made for our entire body.


Make sure to check us out and share!


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