Strong Support System Leads To Better Health

Strong Support System Leads To Better Health




   Hello loves, hope all has been well. It's been awhile, yes I know... but you know what? That's okay! It's okay because LIFE HAPPENS. And, when life happens you just need to take a break from the world, get your mind right and enjoy time with those you love. Those same people should also be your support system!


   You just may be very close to crashing (or did crash) and that support group you have come right on time to remind you of WHO YOU ARE! They encourage and push you, remind you and even help you with little tasks that can really relieve a lot of pressure and stress off of you. It can be as simple as mom helping to wash the dishes, sister watching the baby, etc.


   It's vital to have a genuine support system because trust and believe, it will be needed! Someone in that group will always need someone during the good and bad. Support is just not needed when times are bad but even during the good and see most times we get that confused.


   Some people think showing up when times are bad is support.. but really that questions why a person only show up during bad times only?! No, when times are GOOD, SUPPORT IS STILL NEEDED! Like celebrate with me, give me good words and serious reminders, so I stay focused and vice versa.


To get that you gotta be that FOR SURE!


Reminder to myself always!!!


   Health wise, it has been proven by researchers that a strong, genuine and loving support system has many positive benefits which includes reduced stress levels, depression/anxiety, increased happiness, healthy well-being, coping skills and more!


   Support is all talk these days, but to actually mean it you got to be it, so find  those and even communicate those needs, because some of us may just genuinely don't know what support to give a person.


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