How V-Steaming Can Ease Vaginal Discomfort?!

How V-Steaming Can Ease Vaginal Discomfort?!




If you're still not steaming, like what's up girl, what is uppp?


Are you scared? Nervous? Still stuck on the thought of how the vaginal is self-cleansing?


It definitely is, don't get me wrong, but it's not just about cleansing our vagina, it's certainly deeper than just a cleanse.


It's a detox or reset button to getting right and tight hunny!


When we talk about herbal vaginal steaming, we are talking about cleansing, preventing, balancing, detoxing, healing the vagina, womb and entire reproductive system. It's a gentle way of completing multiple jobs at once (which we need).


Let's start with vaginal discomfort, since that is the main topic.


Vaginal discomfort comes in many ways we all have experienced and may continue to experience because... I meannn that's just the life of the vagina.


(Ex; vaginal itchiness, abnormal odor, vaginal burning, infections such as bv and yeast infections, etc).


Your vagina can't relieve these on its own. Our vagina is going to need assistance because when getting to that phase, your vagina has lost its PH balance which means it won't be able to function right.


So, what even causes vaginal irritants and discomforts to happen in the first place?


Almost anything!


Wearing non-breathable and tight clothing down there, scented chemical made products, sweating, eating the wrong food and so much more! Our vagina is really sensitive, like really....really sensitive.


So, when does v-steaming come to play?


During these types of situations, so v-steaming is a natural and gentle way of easing the discomfort while balancing back the vaginal PH, and of course along with drinking plenty of water.


The medicinal-herbs are made specifically to focus on the problem and relieving it all through gentle steaming. Very good for prevention which (depends on how consistent a person chooses to steam).


It doesn't hurt!


Definitely worth it, just give it a try!



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