Benefits of V-Steaming At Night & How It's Therapeutically Relaxing!

Benefits of V-Steaming At Night & How It's Therapeutically Relaxing!




I always knew there was a different level of feeling when v-steaming during the day vs. v-steaming during the night. That was because of the mood it would set me in.


Overall, steaming feels amazing and so relaxing! During the day i'd be relaxed and feel good then go about my day, like I feel great, I had a steam and I am in a happier mood.


Steaming at night thoughhhh... just brings a whole different feeling/vibe! 


To each it's own, it's great no matter what time of the day, so try it out :) 


But, like I was saying, if you try steaming at night love, you could wake up feeling like a fresh newborn. Like we know at night we get more relaxed because that's our body signaling that it's time to wind down, relax and sleep.


When you steam at night, you want to make sure that the set-up is therapeutic, quiet and relaxing, maybe listen to some nature sounds (for me sometimes that's listening to the Quran). Don't forget have a glass of water or herbal tea for hydration! That way you are preparing for steam that really going to help relax your body and mind while in a relaxing and calming environment.


The feeling...

  • Less stressed, anxiety, depressed 
  • Boost of happiness
  • Super relaxed
  • Ready to sleep like a baby!


When you wake up... it's an amazingly refreshed feeling, like it sets the tone to a productive day along with feeling good in the body and mind.


It's so worth a try. Please try it out and let me know!


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