Help! I'm Tired of Itching Down There!

Help! I'm Tired of Itching Down There!

 Let me just start off by saying, most of us have experienced it sis... we all experienced it! Vaginal itching is the most uncomfortable, unpleasant feeling and even embarrassing when you are badly itching around others. Yea, that itch loves to pop-up at the most inconvenient times.

   Vaginal itching requires immediate attention and relief due to its extreme discomfort but that does not mean it is abnormal when it happens. It is totally normal to experience vaginal itching once in a blue. Most of the times we do not seek help, ask questions and often times we feel as though something is personally just wrong with us.. like we broken or something.

   It is okay to seek the right help and get the relief you deserve. The most common cause of vaginal itching can be from yeast infection, bv, vaginal irritation from sex, fungus, dermatitis which is caused by allergic or sensitive chemical reactions. Lastly, trichomoniasis which is a sexually transmitted disease causing symptoms of vaginal itching.

   There are many more causes of vaginal itching but these are pretty much the common causes of it. Therefore, seek the help love and ask questions as well as doing research. If you are reading this on Taaharah Holistic's website just know we have the products! The feminine foam wash, spray, bar soap, boric acid (newest product), etc. All made with natural herbs and essential oils, main ingredients are menthol to ease and soothe irritation. They all provide immediate relief and for anything deeper first schedule an appointment to your local gynecologist and book a free consultation with our Yoni Steam Consultant that way we will find the best solution for you! 

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