Summer's Approaching (Vaginal Care Tips)

Summer's Approaching (Vaginal Care Tips)

Are you ready for summer? Are you ready for the heat, the vacations and the endless cookouts? I know, I am. I mean girl, after these long two-years of the pandemic it's safe to say we need to get our butts out and enjoy life. Whether that's a nice vacation out the country, going to the beach, taking a road trip or simply taking more walks out and enjoying nature, the point is we need it and we better enjoy it.. period!

   Summer is the time to relax and enjoy oneself BUT.. what's not enjoyable is the effect that the humidity has on our precious vajay-jays. That's right, summer time is the time us ladies will have to take very much precaution and care for our vaginas because we are prone to more infections due to sweating which is an increased chance of vaginal infections like yeast and bacteria and that's not cool. 

   Some tips you can follow to prevent these from happening is wearing breathable, loose-fitting, 100% cotton panties and undergarments. Avoid shaving or waxing pubic hairs the same day you go swimming due to the fact that it can cause vaginal irritation, ingrowns and possible infections. 

   If you already don't know well now you know, Taaharah Holistic has the Yoni Care Kit which is a perfect combination for freshening yoni as we as preventing infections and bacteria, then we have our Yoni Gel Wash which is perfect for exfoliating and preventing ingrowns. Lastly, don't forget to keep a consistent Yoni Steam for overall vaginal care and wellness (link is on the site to book a free consultation call).

   Ladies, remember enjoy this summer HAPPY, HEALTHY and VAGINAL INFECTION-FREE!!

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