Is Steaming Your Vagina Really A Harm or A Benefit?!

Is Steaming Your Vagina Really A Harm or A Benefit?!

Is steaming your vagina really a harm or a benefit? I want you ladies to sit and think about it and ask yourself "Am I educated on this matter to answer this question? Have I experienced vaginal steaming?".


See enough people don't ask themselves these questions and sometimes we may be speaking out of fear of trying new things or base our opinions based off someones bad/failed experience. One thing about life, if you don't try then you won't truly know! 


The reason I am starting with this is because although vaginal steaming is not a new practice, it is indeed fairly new to a lot of us in our society. Is there anyone to blame? No. All we know is modern medicine from majority of these medical industries and most likely all we grew up to know as our only option. That's okay though, we do need our modern medicines and we do need our doctors but what I am trying to say is that it is not the only option.


There has been people bashing, speaking out of knowledge, getting mad that v-steaming is harmful and shouldn't exist. Must I say some of my TikTok comments were insane... but it's to be expected. So many v-steaming practitioners experiences the bashing all the time.


How can we really speak on a practice that has happened hundreds and hundreds of years ago and is still being practiced in every parts of the world today like China, Africa and India. These were ancient, traditional practices that happened way before an OBGYN even existed. No one can ever take that away from them nor can anyone authorize that it can't still be practiced today.


V-steaming is a gentle and therapeutic way of releasing old stagnant blood, toxins, bacteria, infections and all the harm that may be the root cause of a persons gynecological issues/disorders. Just like how we are told mucus is the main cause of most inflammatory chronic-diseases. REMOVE the ROOT CAUSE and see the POSITIVE EFFECT. This is in a non-invasive surgical procedure way which only involves medicinal herbs infused in warm water. As always of course, if a person does not have knowledge on the correct way of going about it then it will not go right which is why it is important to speak to a Practitioner.


In other words vaginal steaming is very beneficial and has more good than harm. There are several gynecologists around the world that's supports it and suggests it to their patients. There has been studies with vaginal swabbing to track if steaming causes harm to the healthy bacterias with a group of 50 women and results were no harm. Numerous of women have seen improvements with their menstrual cycles, PCOS, endometriosis, got pregnant after numerous miscarriages and so much more!


You won't know until you truly try! Book a free consultation if you or anyone you know is interested in steaming.

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