Yes! Our Vagina Is Self Cleansing But... Here Is What You Should Know!

Yes! Our Vagina Is Self Cleansing But... Here Is What You Should Know!




   Often times, when people advertise or speak on the importance of vaginal products to help assist and improve vaginal health, some people will say.. what's the use of these products because the vagina is self cleansing?!  I wouldn't say I get that as much when promoting my plant-based vaginal products, however, I would hear it from a few and mainly from others who speak on random vaginal health topics.


   It is indeed, very true that our lovely v-spot can cleanse itself and some examples of that is through menstruation and vaginal discharges. But look at it like this.. in the world we live in today, our food is not as nutritious (so some of us are lacking in so much vitamins, nutrients and minerals). If not eating 100% organic (which many of us aren't) then we are eating processed foods, often times knowingly and unknowingly.


   Let's be real, some of us are really trying our best, but there isn't always organic options everywhere and in every food, here in America.


   Then you have the chemically harsh products that be in our clothes, detergents, body/skincare products & etc. Our air so polluted and so-on.. you get the point!


   Detoxing is the new lifestyle, in order to make sure no toxins are sitting inside of us all day from all these foods and products. We have detox drinks, saunas, steaming, supplements and even products like our products!


   When we lack in nutrients or stay having hormonal imbalances from harsh products and foods then our sensitive vagina won't function as properly and will need assistance with cleansing. Bad bacteria tends to overgrow because our hormones keep fluctuating. That's when some of us women keep having recurring vaginal infections, abnormal discharges, vaginal odor & etc.


   We have to live a bit harder these days by detoxing everyday, adding beneficial products while eliminating the bad ones and eating as healthy as possible. Vaginal plant-based products helps assist the vagina with cleansing and prevention, which isn't bad at all and is what we need!


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