Top #3 Feminine Hygiene Products You Must Have!

Top #3 Feminine Hygiene Products You Must Have!

This is why you MUST have these top #3 feminine hygiene products from Taaharah Holistic!



  • Our plant based yoni foam wash is one of the top popular products that sells out fast and you wanna know why? Well, for one I'm sure it's because of that cooling sensation it gives the ladies down there. The minty sensation is actually made to soothe and ease vaginal discomfort. The refreshing feeling just adds a boost in mood and confidence making you feel so clean and pure. 
  • It eliminates and prevents vaginal odor which tends to happen too many of us either from vaginal sweating, menstrual bleeding or unbalanced PH.
  • Assists with balancing vaginal PH which happens to us almost any day at any time, so it is a must go-to whenever that happens!
  • It moisturizes the vaginal area which is so needed because vaginal dryness is real! I don't think I have to say more... 
  • Lastly, the plants infused in this special foam wash has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can help with preventing bacterial growth, bv and yeast infections.


  • After washing with the foam wash, it's also nice to wash with the bar soap, which has similar benefits as the foam wash but with added benefits and you can use the bar soap as body wash too.
  • The bar soap has specific herbs that helps with tightening the vaginal elasticity, keeping you nice and tight hunny!
  • Eases vaginal itching or any vaginal discomforts due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Very good vaginal and body cleanser keeping you nice and fresh!


  • Lastly, my favorite product of them all (save the best for last) is the yoni spray. I personally can spray this down there almost 3-5 times a day! Let's talk about the mint sensation, which is common in almost all the products but this feeling is just top tier girl!
  • The yoni spray is basically like a vaginal deoderant that helps prevent vaginal odor and eases discomfort.
  • Helps prevent vaginal infections and bacterial growth.
  •  Soothing and so refreshing you may just want to keep one with you as a travel pair!

These top #3 feminine hygiene products are now available in a kit form for a very great discounted price and you also now have the option to pick MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION! So, you can have the luxury to receive your personal kit at your door every month! Check it out!

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