Ways To Maintain A Healthy V. Through A Healthy D.

Ways To Maintain A Healthy V. Through A Healthy D.

We all know that a healthy vagina happens through constant self-maintenance, which of course applies to our overall body and health. Although, the vagina is a self-cleansing organ that does not mean it does not need assistance to do its natural job.


Not to be off topic, but isn't it cool how parts of our bodies is self-cleansing such as the tears that comes out of our eyes, the wax in our ears, sweat from our bodies, urinating & doing the #2 and so much more! Our vaginas produce natural mucous which helps wash away blood, semen and vaginal discharge.


When our vaginas are infected and full of bacteria overgrowth then it produces abnormal discharges. That is when our vagina needs help to get back healthy and to its natural state. By sending out signals that the vagina is affected, is also a way of the vagina letting you know that something is wrong.


We know that the vagina is self-cleansing, we know that it can get affected, we know it needs assistance and assistance is not only through natural, feminine hygiene products but mainly through diet.


That brings us here, what are some of the ways to help maintain a healthy vagina? The answer is through a HEALTHY, WELL-BALANCED DIET.


What is a healthy, well-balanced diet?

  • Foods that gives us nutrients, vitamins, minerals and energy
  • Carbs - protein - fat - fiber - vitamins - minerals - water
  • Grains, meat, nuts, vegetables, fruits and water



 It's essential to the body to feed what it needs to stay healthy and functional. And by functional, I mean every single organ like our vaginas must stay replenished and healthy so that it can continue to cleanse itself, prevent infections and signal when something is wrong. And out of many ways of course the best and main way is by starting with what you eat!

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