What's The Hype About The Feminine Spray?

What's The Hype About The Feminine Spray?

Hey girl, quick question, have you tried our feminine spray yet and if not, what are you waiting for?

Let me give the benefit of the doubt, maybe you just don't know much about it, so let me give you details.

Our famous feminine spray is a natural, herbal infused spray that I like to describe as the vaginal deodorant. This natural deodorant spray is made specifically to benefit your precious vagina from most issues we face on a daily, in a way of prevention.

What do I mean by prevention? I mean our vagina is self-cleansing, all we need to do is eat right, wear breathable bottoms and clean ourselves with water, yea we know...but..

Deodorant is meant to prevent or mask body odor due to bacterial breakdown of perspiration which happens to our armpits, groin, foot and vagina. In this case we need more access to vaginal deodorants just as much as we all have deodorant for our armpits.

Our precious vaginas can sweat due to many reasons such as a hot day outside, the type of bottoms we wear, etc. which causes bacterial growth, fungus and infections. That's something a regular shower cannot prevent when you are ready to go out and about for the day.

The best thing about it too, is the the minty sensation which just eases and soothes down there as well as adding more freshness to your vagina, just perfect!

So, do you need the spray?! 🤔

Girl the answer is an immediate YES and I suggest you get you one TODAY!


Link: https://www.taaharaholistic.com/products/vaginal-spray

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