Let Go of Toxic People

Let Go of Toxic People

I think we all have that one toxic person in our life that we can no longer tolerate their toxic behavior(s). There comes a time sis.. where you will either have to let them go or set boundaries.

When you are on a road to leveling up your life, you will start to realize some of the people you use to tolerate in your life, you now no longer have that toleration.

Now why is that?!

Because you have goals, you're focused and you're on a path that requires you to CHANGE FOR THE BETTER! And being that requires letting go of toxic people or setting boundaries if they fall under family/friends.

It can be hard but when you're holding on to toxic people or not setting boundaries, then you have chosen to stay stagnant. How can you grow? How can you learn? When will your life ever get better if you're holding on to these people?! That something serious to think about!

Don't be afraid!

Fear will creep in when you have to set boundaries and let people go, but do it anyways. The relief and the reward will be so much worth it!

So.. reminder again, don't be afraid to let go of toxic people!


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