Indroduction To Holistic Gynecology Through Yoni Steaming

Indroduction To Holistic Gynecology Through Yoni Steaming and no ladies, before you proceed on reading this blog, I’m not saying stop going to your medical gynecologist. It’s important you still attend to your appointments so that you can get regular check-ups, stay aware and up-to-date on your health.

 The goal is for you to understand how DEEP yoni steaming can heal our feminine bodies when it comes to gynecological issues and disorders we face that your average medical gynecologist don’t focus on, they may not know or they don’t tell you and that’s focusing on the ROOT of the PROBLEM!

 Okay, wheeeew.. now we may begin!

 Yoni steaming, pelvic steaming or vaginal steaming, whichever you prefer to say, is an ancient practice that is well worth trying.

It is an easy and therapeutic process that involves medicinal herbs infused in warm water which is the start to healing. You then proceed to setting up your steamed herbs that is in a bowl by placing it under the yoni steaming stool/chair.

 How it works is that once you sit over the steam, your vaginal area is the targeted area where the infused steam will enter. It starts by reaching the perineum, vulva, vaginal canal, womb and anus. The herbs infused in warm water turns into oil which is a natural and non-invasive way of absorbing the nutrients through the skin and into the bloodstream which is doing the healing inside the body and organs.

It is important that we educate our women on their options when it comes to reproductive health. Knowing that there are alternatives other than surgeries, birth controls or pain killers that some people are just not comfortable with and feel as though their options to healing are limited.

•Vaginal Maintenance

•Increases Blood Circulation
•Soothes Pain 


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