How and Where Taaharah Holistic Products Are Made From

How and Where Taaharah Holistic Products Are Made From



First off, do you believe every great product has to be made in the USA? Let me tell you as the owner of Taaharah Holistic, I don't believe that! Especially, when it comes to herbal medicine and products like the feminine products we sell.


Now, is some of our products made in the USA? YES, but not everything and i'll explain why.


Let's get juicy here and take you to the history of herbal medicine and where it originated from.


Holistic wellness has been an ancient practice that has been practiced all over the world and common countries like China, Africa, India etc. It is believed that when it came to healing it is important to treat a person as a whole rather than focusing on a specific illness, body parts or symptoms. That's why practitioners like myself tell our patients that it's important to focus on internal and physical health, diet, mind and spirit.


When it comes to holistic medicine, let me tell you, holistic medicine is one of the oldest ways of treating and healing the body, health problems, sicknesses and more that were used across the world. Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the most common forms of holistic healing that goes back as far as 2,200 years ago.


As Muslims, including myself, we practice our Prophetic medicine by Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) who practiced all types of natural healing that happened centuries ago. He stated recipes that can cure and heal everything like honey , barley, blackseed which is a common medicine known to cure every-single thing but death and so much more medicines out there.


You get the point, most of these medicines originated from all these parts of the world and are originally known for it, which is why we at Taaharah Holistic, get our products made with the real OG's like China as well as expanding to Africa, working with the best top producing herbal companies who specializes in herbal medicine, health products and aromatherapy.


Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having a business that sells products from the US, but that doesn't mean they have to be made in the US or in the US ONLY. Some people lack much understanding, that there is nothing wrong with that! We wanted to take it home where people in these countries been practiced and have so much more knowledge on these medicines and products and that's why we partner with them more.


We want to make sure everything we make is made intentionally with natural ingredients, natural herbs, essential oils and most importantly with LOVE.


These products speak for itself and that's why we are growing and hope to keep growing while working with companies in China, Africa and still the USA who takes holistic health VERY SERIOUSLY while knowing the significant benefits and changes it can bring into other peoples lives.



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