Does Steaming Really Work?!

Does Steaming Really Work?!




To answer this question, YES. Steaming really does work and it really does help with a lot of gynecological issues/disorders we women go through.


On my previous blogs, I go a little more in depth on the benefits of steaming, where it originated from and how long it's been practiced for. (If you haven't read it, please check it out).


The focus for this post is more so on the question "does v-steaming really work?" And let me just say this, how can you really know if something works if you don't try it out? That's what always leave us with questions. Instead of trying, some of us will just sit and ask all day.


Everybody's body is different and handles different things.. differently.


So, one person may steam for the first time of their life and see IMMEDIATE results, but another person may steam and may have to go through multiple steam sessions before seeing results.


It really just depends!


The key to seeing results in anything is CONSISTENCY!!!


And trust meeeeeee, I know how hard that can be. But, if you are determined to get something done or want to improve in something, like us when it comes to our reproductive health then consistency is KEY!


Our mind can sometimes be wired to want to see immediate results when it comes to certain things in life, but everyone's timing is different. Therefore we have to incorporate PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY.


Especially, if we are talking about the holistic, health and wellness route. We focus on healing things NATURALLY, which is like a wound or cut that takes time to heal.


So. the real question is "Are you willing to be consistent and patient to see if steaming really works?".


For me, it was a yes and is a yes ;)



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