Are You Taking Your Time To Recognize You Need To HEAL?

Are You Taking Your Time To Recognize You Need To HEAL?



We all need healing.

Healing takes time.



DISCLAIMER: This is a blog post based off true experience, knowledge and research. I am not a therapist or here to provide mental health treatment, therapy, etc. Please visit or call your local medical doctor if you need any of the following or related medical help.


What iv'e started to realize more and more, day after day, being around people, experiencing different situations... LIFE; is that we are BROKEN. Like, we literally still living through our traumas whether we consciously or subconsciously know or not. The thing about it is most of us are literally not doing anything about it!


I understand though.


Whether you grew up rough, got abused, bullied, used, raped, emotionally abandoned, sick, tragic car accident, dealt with deaths and SO MUCH MORE! 


It hurts and sometimes it feels hard to move on. Maybe you didn't properly heal or found it hard to forgive or felt afraid to face certain fears and battles. But let me tell you this, if you don't move on, you're going to stay STUCK and STAGNANT. Consciously, you may forget some things, but the reality is, you did not heal properly, so your subconscious mind will takeover when in difficult situations or triggered by something. Basically making it hard to really move-on.


I'm not perfect and I'm still healing. (Like I'm still HEALINGGG and I cannot stress that enough!). Some days I think "yesss I finally overcame it and then some days I feel like ugh, I failed again or my anxiety came through the roof and I didn't take time to properly think, which was being the cause of my toxic behavior AGAIN".


But.. no one said healing was a 'quick fix' because the REALITY is that, it really takes time to HEAL. And when I say time, I mean months and mostly yearssss. Don't let that scare you though, because being in the process of healing is taking you to that slow and steady road to the success of being healed. Along the journey, you will recognize small improvements and small wins which ultimately leads to big improvements and BIG CHANGE. 


It starts with SELF-AWARENESS and in order to be self-aware, you need to take a healthy time with yourself, process all your thoughts and allow that natural intuition we ALL have that tells us in the back of our minds "this isn't right or normal". Listen to it and start from there!


Take time with nature, be around positive people that's going to keep it 110% real with you (and be prepared to be told the truth; stay out your feelings)journal, find some natural therapy and even go to therapy if you feel that is best.


I find a lot of therapy through my religion by reading the Quran, praying, holding tight to my faith, believing and trusting that there will be better days ahead of me (إن شاء الله).




You trust, you believe and you fight, it will HAPPEN!


Fight those bad thoughts, fight those limited beliefs, fight those demons, fight against negative people, negative influences, negative enviorments and set BOUNDARIES. 


The light 💡 is on the other side but are you willing to do the work? YOU CHOOSE!


It's not going to be easy but it's going to be sooooo WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!


Worth the new improve YOU, the new life, the goals you want to accomplish and CAN accomplish, you just got to push through sisss!




Last but not least...


Be compassionate, be loving, caring, kind and PATIENT!


Not only for yourself, but for others as well, because you NEVERRRRR know what someone else is going through.


Most of us needs healing so just have some EMPATHY! PLEASE. 💕


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