Anxiety & Motherhood

Anxiety & Motherhood

Anxiety can be the worst - on top of mom life it ain't easy! This goes for first time moms, experienced moms, single moms, divorced moms just all moms! Let's take a quick second to salute to all you amazing mothers out there and I mean the mothers that actually play their role as a MOTHER.


Being a mother is one huge responsibility and a full-time job that we often don't get enough recognition or credit for. Not only are we mothers but some of us are wives, entrepreneurs, daughters, students, friends and more. We are constantly pivoting, adapting to change and trying to seek "balance" with our limitless responsibilities. This can all be the cause of anxiety that we are currently facing.


However, you can't be the best version of yourself if you allow anxiety to control you. I believe we have this fear that we are going to lack as mothers or not be the best mothers to our child(rens) which sometimes we tend to overwork ourselves just to keep up with everything!


Understand that if you simply are not at your BEST and you're overwhelmed and anxious then your kids will pick that up and it can affect them as well. Our goal is to realize when we reach that state then it's time to TAKE A BREAK! 


It starts with building a support system (family, friends, babysitters, nannies) that will take your responsibility off of your hands for the time being so that you can recuperate. During that time you take a nap, get a yoni steam (reduces anxiety) catch up on anything you feel is causing your anxiety (laundry, errands, work assignments, etc) and BREATHE baby girl - and realize you can only TRY and let go of things you can't control so it doesn't stress you out!


We have to realize motherhood can take a toll on us and we can even lose ourselves in the process, so before that happens and if that happens please find HELP and take a break!

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